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Tuesday, 13 July 2010


A very brisk update of some of the wedding work i have had the pleasure of shooting alongside The Hamish Campbell. For all the grumbling some people have about weddings...humbug to them. Some gorgeous locations full of amazing, delighted people. When all the stress of making sure everyone is happy, the real magic happens and there isn't a bad picture to be taken. Here's looking very forward to a matrimonious Iceland.

And yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hamish

Friday, 9 July 2010

Photographer's Tan

[fuh-tog-ruh-ferz tahn]  noun, verb, -burned or -burnt, -burn·ing.

1. A patterned state of burn and inflamation incurred to the face or partial areas of the face which remain   unexposed to the sun through camera use. 

2. A result of languishing in the outdoors unawares of the harmful UV rays shooting bridal ware. Contrary to the name, it is more typically suffered by lanky, wan assistants.