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Monday, 31 January 2011

The Fog of Thought

I was walking in circles yesterday afternoon. I was trying to see through the fog for a very long time. I started to look at it instead.

The leisure of looking. What a comfort. In certain circumstances, there can be no greater.
I think back to old entertainment, arched over a candle lit book, a shadow, a fire, the old outdoors. Same rapture as our most sophisticated simulations, the same thrill of escape. In just looking? Just seeing something? And the painting, the image, trying to distil and bottle this gladness at the world, trying to better it even, from the dawn.
Photographers are told they have an eye for a photo, but this isn't the case. This is the storyteller. The eye is busy elsewhere, devouring and lapping at the raw materials of vision and light. How it comes together in a mystery that we all share.

Go and look at something today and just enjoy it. You'll walk miles and drink and think and speak and the day will end and you'll never know what you looked at, least how much you loved it. There is no order in vision, no impetus to buy or understand. Seeing can be hard, but looking is heaven.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

The rule of thirds

I have had to rewrite this post 3 times. I am getting way ahead of myself already this year! This poor blog, how it keeps up with anything is beyond me. First off, i need to wish everyone a happy new year before it gets just beyond the point and i have a guilty conscience for the rest of the year (aarh). Christmas good? Yeah? Me too. Done.
The Second most important thing is to turn my attention on you for a minute, I need to draw out my thanks to everyone who has stopped in on the blog all of last year and who continues to 2011 style! For something i started as staring contest training (monitors first, then people, then goats), the blog has evolved all on its own from how much everyone has enjoyed it and told me so. From taking the time to read my posts and view my images, to an inconsequential minute spitting venom at all my photos, its all pure gold to me. Thank you all for your support and allowing me to enjoy posting as much as i do.

So HERE, what new years resolutions this year everyone? I never make them because i always make impracticably vague ones like - learn to to swim, from a shipwreck wearing dungarees, or learn a foreign language, that you are the only one who speaks. So i get nowhere. One year i have promised i'll go vegan. I'm putting that off naturally. So this year, well well well, here and now i shall not approach 2012 without a full drivers licence (...and a car i make from scratch). That should keep me busy.

Speaking of busy- Another year of projects! Check in on the development of my current portraiture project s i t t e r s.  For the main blog, its business as usual so please stay tuned for unpredictability.

Photos from home over chirstmas. Not all snacks and sherry for me im pleased to say. Props to all the peeps for showing me such a good time. Especially honey, who loves her wash.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Fashion fashion everywhere

Here's a quick roundup of some fashion work from, ohicanbarelysayit,  l a s t  y e a r. I've included the final  edits from 3 separate projects that i worked on either on my own or in an *amazing* team! I'm not going to give it socks of text but i will mention a special hello to 2011. Starting a new year is always a bit hard. Its like a mexican stand-off between who is going to get the better of who. Well well, i've a few tricks from last year still up my sleeve. But first i have a load of photos from christmas...

Thanks to Sola for modelling and Edinburgh City for styling

Thanks to Lisa for modelling and to Grace for being the star of the show and the host with the most.

Big thanks to Jane for modelling in the freezing autumn last minute, and to Burden and Hancock for their always unwavering back up. Great night in the city.