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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Fashion fashion everywhere

Here's a quick roundup of some fashion work from, ohicanbarelysayit,  l a s t  y e a r. I've included the final  edits from 3 separate projects that i worked on either on my own or in an *amazing* team! I'm not going to give it socks of text but i will mention a special hello to 2011. Starting a new year is always a bit hard. Its like a mexican stand-off between who is going to get the better of who. Well well, i've a few tricks from last year still up my sleeve. But first i have a load of photos from christmas...

Thanks to Sola for modelling and Edinburgh City for styling

Thanks to Lisa for modelling and to Grace for being the star of the show and the host with the most.

Big thanks to Jane for modelling in the freezing autumn last minute, and to Burden and Hancock for their always unwavering back up. Great night in the city.