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Thursday, 21 March 2013


This is Tara McKevitt. 

Tara is a writer, and as I have learned, many other things. The learning is at the very beginning though, and it is a two way exchange. Tara has been selected by the Traverse Theatre, off the strength of her script Tourists, to be one of their 50 writers for their 50th Year.

This is a great programme, both in scale and in promise. And like all great things, it needs to be properly documented. Enter the foresight of the staff at Writer Pictures, who have cleverly elected 50 photographers with which to partner each writer. A personal chronicler for a time that is pivotal in their career. Tara is my writer and last weekend, we met for the first time.

A difficult balance to strike, when two people first meet. Thankfully for us, we both recognise a blank canvas and the opportunity to create something. And thankfully for us, we met for a meal in The Shore, where no wrong can be done! Talking without a script, about flats, about painting, about forgetting, big changes,sisters and brothers, style, about Ireland, a very rounded image of Tara emerged as a writer, worker, person. Someone unique for a unique project. Creating can be a solitary process, and I am very much looking forward to sharing it with someone not only with a different perspective, but a separate medium to express it.

I will produce a portrait of Tara over the course of this partnership for exhibition in the Traverse during August.


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Steve Mason

All too aware that this March is turning into this April all too quickly, I had better step up my pace and keep the world up to date with my whereabouts. 2013, slow down will ya?

To coincide with the release of Steve Mason's Monkey Minds in the Devils Time, The Skinny asked me to shoot him for this month's cover. I heard the words "protest" and "somewhere like kind of a wasteland", and my head skipped a few chapters and went straight to "smokebombs!" We took a walk to a lesser-known spot overlooking Leith Walk and stirred up a storm of smoke and flashes. In hindsight, only in hardy Leith could this go unacknowledged.


Monday, 4 March 2013

Back in the Fishbowl

                                        Not wanting to work in a vacuum

                                                  here is the first preview

                from behind the scenes 

                                in the Fishbowl.