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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Hey Fandango

I've hopefully reached a level where i hope to stay. Shooting in the plush surrounds of my own living room a few weeks back, we had the full sha-bang: roses, champagne, cigars and yes, yes two agents of beauty, our V.I.P couple G+J. Another shocking example of how much fun it is to just nonce about with a few bits and an idea once in a while. Something that has been quite heavily bandied about in recent conversations is just that, the great trap. Having all that skill and all that eye, and keeping it reserved for the biggest projects instead of just rummaging something together for the sheer sake. Oh there'll be some serious rummaging going on round here this summer let me tell you. What more do you need!? Well, we could have used a chez longue, an oul pair of leopards and a stuntman or two.

I built my concept for this up around the visuals of Tango. The black of night and the red of blood. For all its hip girating and snoozy music, there seems to be this symbol of death around it. I'm loving the death! Black suits, long legs and shaded faces. Roses (BLOOD) Roses. I can see the concealed blade and the final passionate embrace.... i've been watching too many films. Thankfully our handsome models came away with only mild inebriation and a bit of a smokers cough from our shakedown in the living room. I ate the roses...just so they wouldn't go to waste.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Summer Flowerbed

Though it seems like we're in the clear?  It can't still be winter - Surely Not! Still, i'm unconsciously flinching down towards my keyboard like some great invisible threat is hanging over me...from the clothes rail in the box room. All the boxes are ticked. The greenery is laden with bodies and shorts a plenty and the beer gardens are turning a crowd again...but im still not convinced. At least I can set my watch for when the exams end anyway.

Me and Andrea Ernesto Rodriguez made our way to our city's fabulous meadows over a month ago to pull together a shoot with all the candy cherryblossoms in full ka-boom! And sure enough, there was not a single bud for the taking. Making do, we crashed a flower bed and made a spectacle of ourselves in front of the afternoon's stroller. Pedro Almodovar himself could not have composed the Spanish nation in a frame with as much conviction as Andrea. Colours aplenty, the emotion was of stone and the cigarettes were out. All we were short really was...weeping and murder and...a public scandal. But we were nearly there.

"Esteban Ignacio cannot leave me"
"Yes. No..............................................i'm dying"
Dramatic Zoom

Friday, 7 May 2010

Butterflys on white

Hitting the shelves and shoulders in a range of couloirs. This season's must....have....  is the butterfly! Catch one if you dare, they are literally Fuh-lying off the shelves. And....that's enough of that.

I'm totally in the wrong career. I mean i am literally in the wrong career, darling. Me as a fashionista, what would that even look like? Its food for the future anyway and yes! there will be a cravat.
But right now im getting a great thrill out of shooting fashion and being able to see my toes appearing through my years old wonky trainers, in my greyed out tshirts of forgotten slogans.( Theres a really easy answer out there for people who wonder why photographers stay behind the camera.)

Butterfly catching and serenity are all for another life, in the college studio last Tuesday, it  was a ragged crossfire. Starting on an already emaciated 2hours to: set up, decide on looks, test lights, test a model, find where my camera was under a pile of clothes, and shoot 3 models. Sounds pretty straight forward? Well, we  litrilly started an hour late. So we did it all in an hour before getting nearly drawn out of the studio with one of those shepherds crooks. But some mad thanks to Nicola, Laura and Ollieboy for modelling very quickly, and a special special thank you to Sola for kicking some clothes A$$ and getting them all at their prettiest. One day i will talk about some leisurely shoot where we had hours and everything went exactly according to plan...but i think after that day, ill be ready to retire.  LITERILLY

And hey, what do we think of Ollie's shorts?! Man, get a look at em! Lets get some noise for ollie's shorts!!