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Friday, 7 May 2010

Butterflys on white

Hitting the shelves and shoulders in a range of couloirs. This season's must....have....  is the butterfly! Catch one if you dare, they are literally Fuh-lying off the shelves. And....that's enough of that.

I'm totally in the wrong career. I mean i am literally in the wrong career, darling. Me as a fashionista, what would that even look like? Its food for the future anyway and yes! there will be a cravat.
But right now im getting a great thrill out of shooting fashion and being able to see my toes appearing through my years old wonky trainers, in my greyed out tshirts of forgotten slogans.( Theres a really easy answer out there for people who wonder why photographers stay behind the camera.)

Butterfly catching and serenity are all for another life, in the college studio last Tuesday, it  was a ragged crossfire. Starting on an already emaciated 2hours to: set up, decide on looks, test lights, test a model, find where my camera was under a pile of clothes, and shoot 3 models. Sounds pretty straight forward? Well, we  litrilly started an hour late. So we did it all in an hour before getting nearly drawn out of the studio with one of those shepherds crooks. But some mad thanks to Nicola, Laura and Ollieboy for modelling very quickly, and a special special thank you to Sola for kicking some clothes A$$ and getting them all at their prettiest. One day i will talk about some leisurely shoot where we had hours and everything went exactly according to plan...but i think after that day, ill be ready to retire.  LITERILLY

And hey, what do we think of Ollie's shorts?! Man, get a look at em! Lets get some noise for ollie's shorts!!

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