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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Hey Fandango

I've hopefully reached a level where i hope to stay. Shooting in the plush surrounds of my own living room a few weeks back, we had the full sha-bang: roses, champagne, cigars and yes, yes two agents of beauty, our V.I.P couple G+J. Another shocking example of how much fun it is to just nonce about with a few bits and an idea once in a while. Something that has been quite heavily bandied about in recent conversations is just that, the great trap. Having all that skill and all that eye, and keeping it reserved for the biggest projects instead of just rummaging something together for the sheer sake. Oh there'll be some serious rummaging going on round here this summer let me tell you. What more do you need!? Well, we could have used a chez longue, an oul pair of leopards and a stuntman or two.

I built my concept for this up around the visuals of Tango. The black of night and the red of blood. For all its hip girating and snoozy music, there seems to be this symbol of death around it. I'm loving the death! Black suits, long legs and shaded faces. Roses (BLOOD) Roses. I can see the concealed blade and the final passionate embrace.... i've been watching too many films. Thankfully our handsome models came away with only mild inebriation and a bit of a smokers cough from our shakedown in the living room. I ate the roses...just so they wouldn't go to waste.


  1. the bossman is the new antonio banderas. well done my friend.