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Monday, 7 June 2010

When the rains come down

They come as one hell of a surprise!

Once again, the weather stands right out at the forefront of conversation (like we secretly wish it to) and, ahem.... once again, it leaves everyone standing in for cover. Out of where can such a torrent of water come from? Like an upended swimming pool from the skies. Everyone savouring the fruits of their Bbq or absorbing themselves in the bodyless rapture of some mad drumming session at the meadows fair this weekend got a heavy slap with the surprise stick when they discovered, yes, they were soaking! It was impossible rain. Not a stitch of fabric had time to absorb a drop of moisture before the whole field was a mire. And Edinburgh's largest public open air recreation space did what it does the best...sent a deluge of people leggin' it for a single distant tree. Everyone except the drummers, who were long soaked.

For the hard hard life my camera gets, i cannot say i am happier that i keep pulling it out. A long few weeks of preps and hand-ins and not a lot of using a camera at all. Rain or shine, there is always a photograph worth toting a camera along for.

God i love the rain. Say what you like but when that sun's back we'll be back in no rush to go anywhere

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