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Sunday, 13 June 2010


Its now or never. The end of a first year and the post submission lull- after a scramble of prints and a deluge of proofing and checking- and i am very happy to say that i am launching my final graded project into its own blog.

Crossings was conceived through an open brief single module project and, like all projects, started as a tiny whim, a microscopic notion that i can scarcely trace back to its origins. It became an exercise in unpredictability, a "this can be done only if i don't not do it" conundrum. It, quite simply, just started.

Much more is explained about the thinking and concept work that went into the project on the site, and with time i will hopefully propound on the legwork that it took too. As my first single body of work, under a genre of documentary photography, nebulous with conditions and reservations, in which i had never trod before, i am very pleased with something i proudly call work. The hobbiest was left at the door and, given its reception and the feedback of my peerless peers, I am here, in June, contending myself with the identity of a photographer.

Big steps indeed, lets see a bit more like that.

Please, take a look at the blog and drop by in future if you can:

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