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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

C O L O U R B L I N D (l i t b l i n d u r)

Colourblind is a micro-study of colour. It is a project occupied with a lovely idosyncracy of life, that less is more. Much more so in Iceland, where there is a lot less.

Colour that is. Vast, forbidding stretches of rock and earth however. Great unfathomable recesses of ice and shale? There are lots of these. A landscape quite foreign to a human touch so that the eventual pockets of civilisation appear with luscious fingerprints of colour.

This project unearths a tiny, brilliant spectrum of activity that levels a balance to Iceland's volcanic landscape. The fruits of a hard earned optimism by Iceland's people. These photographs are miniture monuments of cheeriness and a glorious two fingers to a howling wilderness of semi-darkness. 

These prints are currently on display in the worldly hub of unhurryment, Rocket Cafe, for sale and for pleasure. If you suffer from blindness or chronic fatigue with photography, you could try the coffee. Its worth the trip in itself.
This project was shot during July on my travels in Iceland on colour film - the chronic chromatic kind. I simply couldn't be more pleased.

Photography by eoin carey

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