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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Hell's Bellows

This week has seen the frustrations progress after I got handed an accordian to take a photo with. Not like any accordian it must be mentioned. This accordian exposes 5X4 negatives through a 300mm lens. It exposed plenty for me too, incorrectly in the great majority. It is the sort of contraption that just doesn't wear guesswork. Which is errrghh, cause guesswork for me is all the rage.

Today's classic cameraman is the wee Pascaline, a veritable Daguerre in her own right (and language). Here we see her sporting the timeless "overhead coat and measuring tape" combination.

Hours of fiddling, a 6stop drop in light and an entire reshoot later, I wont even begin to get into the real frustrations...

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  1. On the plus side, you got to hang out with the three most beautiful people in Edinburgh all Saturday! :)