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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Drying off

And what else would i be doing after black week? Culminating after black friday of course, the last friday before christmas, menacing only to those in hospitality! And what a week: unfovourable starts, fashion shoots, christmas lists and a tonne of work. I could'nt even lift it.

B'twixt it all,  the phenomonal strain of 5X4 negatives and fibre based printing left me in a zen-like state of compounded defeat...but once again the results compLETELY outweigh the process! Poor Pascaline, needing to stay perfectly still for focus she erupted into a 15 minute bout of sneezing, tears and general discomfort. Thankfully black and white hides red running noses. She enjoyed her smarties she told me.

But it's hard not to take it personally for how long the paper takes to dry

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