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Tuesday, 15 February 2011


So, so, so. I believe I mentioned lots of excitement and projects on the cards at the cusp of this new year? And when, you ask, do i expect to deliver this great cache of schemes, hmm? Well nothing is good half baked, so there is a wait yet for the real juicy stuff. But meantimes:

This year has seen The Edinburgh Cornersessions relocate to the cosy speakeasy in West Register St's Vodoo Rooms. Its a brilliant little independent music night of open minded and eclectic sound. The spanking new venue has really bolstered the intimate charms of the night. I was asked to come along to soak up the mood and take a few photos.

On a musical note, the equally brilliant and beautiful organiser of Cornersessions is set to get married this April (pleeease hurry Spring). Jen and her debonair fiancée Ross took me for tour of the heights of Craiglockhart for their engagement shoot late one evening last year. The setting where they met for the first time really sailed as a backdrop in a glorious winter dusk. The main event in Derry is really set to be a joy and as a photographer and a guest I couldn't be more spoiled.

Ouip, the continent beckons. Paris in April expects to be aplomb with Edinburgh photography students of which i will be tagging along. A trip away to bask in the joys of photography is a dream to good to wake up from. We'll be swinging from gallery to gallery, and sifting through the intricate heritage of Parisian photography. I will be creating some myself, for 2 weeks I can look forward to getting the camera out and piecing together a 10image documentary of my own choosing. Dream. The only thing missing is about £300 worth of coffee. Deal. Time to dig into the Goddards, Demys and Jeunets!

And thats everything! Finally, a full cathartic reel of work past and present without lowering the tone with a single toilet.

Ok, one toilet. Stay tuned!

Bonnes journeés mesdemoiselles

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