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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Bienvenue a....

After all the moving and shaking over the last few days, here here! Everything is well settled and far from remaining so in the beautiful capital of France. After what was really quite a seemless travel episode, the only main obstacle was an absence of internet at the hotel so i am 3 days behind in me postings -quelle horror! The only reason that is so tragic is, not the catch-up workload, but the inevitable amnesia at the gems of hilarity and the waves of brilliance that mark any group expedition abroad.

So i wont even start. Needless to say, its been a very active arrival. The early mornings are witnessed and twinned wearily with the same late of night. All kinds of light from all kinds of angles. Incredible mileage and impossible photographic curiosity. All the mod cons but with comical foreign names and eccentric hues and colours. Rest, work and leisure all at the same time, all chasing for priority. So far it smacks of all the right flavours that round a holiday to completenes.

The highlights so far include:

The horror at our cupboard hotel room.
Gradual stitches as we squeezed crucial storage space out of the most flush and mundane fixtures and fittings.
Helping, from out of nowhere, a couple carry a giant slab of marble up three flights of stairs to their apartment.
An impromptu traditional ceileidh session au bord de la Seine.
And a legendary free banana...



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