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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Uptown, driver!

Here we are again

The unavoidable throng. The snails pace circuit. The pockets full of flyers. The familiar sights that for every year-round resident of Edinburgh, sends a shiver of dread. Your own backyard colonised and overrun!

But overrun with absolute revelry. I find it hard to grumble when there are 10,000 people either side of me in full festival abandon. The city is ablaze again. Doors that remain locked all year long are thrown open to performances. Any empty space is transformed into a pop-up stage. You find yourself carousing in an ancient cellar, a university lecture theater, a ballroom or in an impromptu garden within an hour of each other. I have been in the thick of it for a full week and I have still barely scratched the scale of this long giddy month. I have had lots of fun from the front row of some amazing theatrical productions this year and am looking forward to sharing them as the month unfolds.

The last few weeks have seen weather a plenty to drown every square inch of the city, and it is no surprise that the one thing to escape the dampening is that brazen festival spirit. So for those still reluctant to wet a toe, put your reservations behind and get yourself into town.

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