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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Mo Cahh Moneh

Fulfilling a short term promise of mine this Thursday when i pull into the Czech Republic's splendid Prague. I'm flying over to see my Dad and my bro Dave whose on erasmus south near Brno pulling furniture asunder for a term. Can I wait or what!?

Only slightly, since i took a long look out my rainy windows and back to my Czech weather forecast for this coming weekend. But what they dont know is that I am impervious to the rain. Bring the rain oornnnn! (but not orn to my camera please. thanks.) What i dont know however is anything about Prague whatsoever. For something on my wishlist for so long i've done a fair whack of nothing about researching it. Which means one thing only -> tonnes of lovely, delicious pedestrian exploration.

My favourite! From café to café, the city shall be mine. I can sample the delectable routes like a connoisseur and walk all the million mile dead-ends like some rambling eccentric. I cannot wait to find out what i can get for the Czech krona. Now is the pleasure of holding a vast wad of an unknown culture, with its antiquities and emblems ablaze with mystery.
If i can get twenty fifty coffees out of these bad boys then i will return a happy man. Travels and photos on the BRB's

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