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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Smoke off

Just last week I grabbed Steph from First Coast and gave her some very very vague instructions and the threat of photography. I had some hardcore specifics in mind for some images along the post-war Noir, classique lines. Pretty vague, as i said. So we got together what we could and lo and behold - totally different to what i expected! The joys. Though we had some fun hitting the dingy alleys of Rose street and surprising bar staff at their cigarette break exit. Flash!

The theme got rougher and tougher after a few beers after we tried my ideas on for size. What i was aiming for was something period but masculine and bold as! The leather jacket gave a tougher, bomber feel but the spots we chose were heavy, dark and very urban. So the cigars came out.

And i've been listening to jazz all the day is long. French jazz! The next time i leave my house i will be a chain smoking, crevated recluse. Bread for everyone

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