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Monday, 9 August 2010

Til hamingju Ása og Garðar

I wanted to give this magical event a space of its own, while it was just part of our trip to Iceland it was also the main reason we were there! From a photographer's perspective, I am one very, very lucky guy. The run-up: perfectly relaxed. With 3 days from our arrival (and after the gut busting stress of my gear making the ballistic expedition through a cargo hold) we had the leisure of meeting our bride and groom for a delicious coffee and a catch up, having a good scout of some nice locations for their photos after the ceremony and we got to sit in on the rehearsal. This is preparation, and if one thing can be crowned the great asset of the day then the pre-think and the schedule is what would be. Oh, but there was also this: The weather. Perfectly perfect the whole way through. Blindingly sunny but omnisciently overcast when I really needed it.  And it was this sun that captured the spirit of item number 3: The location.

Iceland and a festive Akranes. For our photos we wanted something very simple but true to the home town of the couple. After having a nose in a few spots we settled on a cove hidden past some of the coastal dunes. Towns have an affinity to their mountain (they all have one), and Akrafjall, the twin-peaked beacon for Akranes, proved itself as the most formidably breathtaking backdrop we could have wanted. The other more notable eccentricity of Iceland was something i should have but didn't really expect. Its weddings, and im not talking about the ceremony here, are infamously lively! The boisterous merriment started after 7 and after speeches, balloons, food, games, speeches, songs, speeches, food, speeches, C A K E, games, slideshows, coffee and a speech, we were finally ready to start the partying. I however, was ready to drop dead. But a brisk disappearance to secure the camera and back everything up saw me fighting fit in comfy shoes an hour later to be welcomed back as a guest. A cold, earned beer in hand, it was one of those moments. Even at 5 in the morning, with the sun fully up for another long summer day, I was feeling the bliss.

But who for the major props but the missis herself: cake maker and waistline shaker! Some serious amount of chocolate gorging. ALL Sola's doing. (even the leaves, which while i like to maintain in my head, do not grow on trees)

sjö klakka


  1. great work! and the cake really takes the cake! cant wait to see some of the film stuff....

  2. What a beautiful post Eoin!The photos are great and your description just put you in the scene!

  3. These are lovely. Maybe you should make... a fillum! Helena