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Saturday, 9 October 2010


I'm so knackered! Thats not the sort of thing you write about in a blog is it?
I'm just back in the flat and dumping my bags and winging my files in and wondering... how did all that fit into just a friday? For truly it was a week in one day. One part photography and one part epic.  BUT, I feel great that i have the energy left yet to talk about it! And better yet, I can measure on a stick how my talking now will be more experienced than my talking yesterday. Its almost an impossiblility the scale of learning. Ha, im laughing at its impossibility.

I think the 7 days in a day is something maybe not so unique to photography but is something i can expect a bit more of. I had an afternoon of FashiON in the college studios booked and this evening was put away to shoot the Edinburgh Monarch's Speedway for photojournalism. What a treat shooting sooo much stuff in a day and two things that push your skills in totally different directions. How did it all come about? Well, 7 days of work. Back. Forth. Phones, mails. And it all culminates in 3 hours that feel just blinding. But brilliant.

Haig and Andy made the trek to College this afternoon to rock the seamless and the gentleman at Walker Slater Vicotria, Street really went above and entrusted me a few exotic stitches for the shoot. All the sketches and tearsheets really helped bring everything together too. Doesn't sound like 2 weeks preparation though does it? Well, there'll be a whole post due for this one

Straight out of the studio me and Karen had a half hour downtime before making the halfwaytoglasgow excursion to Bathgate. She, in fairness, had planned and arranged the whole thing. I got a passenger seat and a camera bag- the dream! We had center access and could pretty much shoot as we pleased for the 15heats of mad roaring speedy loudness. It was not easy. It was hard. But, it was hilarious with Karen at the wing. And where failure is right up in your face, theres always a bit of comedy in a tractor race (word.) Everyone was so nice a swell. Literally everyone, and for no particular reason. Helpful, full of advice and stories, chock full of that rare vibe people give off when they're just chuffed that you came at all. But the con? All our photos look like a child took them and they are the ripe fruits of 3 hours frantic (sweating i daresay) labour! And that is this term's lesson. Take a photo apart, sure, But take it yourself...well on you go

And special thanks to Mr.John "It don't matter if you're black or white -wooo-  I still want to give you a hard time" Campbell

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  1. Awesome set of photos, even if they are not pin sharp for Sports Journo. I LOVE THEM!