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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The language of laughter

I think it is a rightly phenomenal thing, laughter. I can think of few things that can make me laugh more than someone else laughing more again. Their hapless resistance. Just hopelessly committed to great barrelling throes of comedy. Jokes cant get the same effect, i dont get half of them.

You see those few glimpses of sanity throughout: clenching the eyes in a helpless wince, shaking the head in disagreement. Pulling the mouth into the great operatic frown, pleading to misery. Just hopeless. And the more rigour you resist with, the more defeat you suffer.

Palming the table with wishful power. The mouth gaping open to impossible dimensions. And of course, the point where all combine: total abandon. You are the revolving mass of incapability. Hands deploying for stability, caressing surfaces and just languishing on nothing. Nothing works. You can't hold anything, your head, a drink. You pick things up. You put them back. The cycle of uproar perpetuates itself. You are liable to produce the most outrageous sounds. To spit violently and uncontrollably. To risk bodily trauma. And it only serves to bolster the miserable mirth. And meanwhile you are just  vibrating in unpreventable silence. And the tears.

And with a shake and a breath: control.

This poor hen suffered something only a little dissimilar recently, but it was to Eddie i guess it could have been worse. She's not too well at the moment at all, and while finding her face all over the blog probably wont cheer her up one bit, it has certainly cheered me up! I feel great!

But awww, she's sick, she should send for her nurse  |+|:-)

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