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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Studio Doub le

That was us indeed in the studio. Not the most hospitable environment for someone whose teeth have been cut in the lovely outdoors. A playground without power packs and light meters and cabling. A stomping ground of walls and textures and colours, always shifting and testing.

But the studio? Well its not easy and it is hungry for time. All your time, it wants it. What if you don't want white though? How about black? Nope, well-grey then. Great.

Thankfully I had the diligence and patience of Andrea. More then just a model she is actress. Which is true. What a dream come true. Under our mad time constraints and a semi-ludicrous ambitious project, we totally walked it (tripping over my cables all the way). We were using the influence of legend Annie Leibovitz to construct a setup that exposed the process of the creative and iconic, while at the same time having a subtle narrative element.

First Studio assignment. Milestone.

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