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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Gangster's city

In this case its Don Carlos. And what an exercise it always is with him. How can an impromptu shoot with hopeless weather, locations getting closed as soon as you get going, gear getting damaged and you just generally winging it because an hour in your still not sure what you want, how can it turn to, not only a success, but even grow legs and take on a subtle sense of unscripted narrative. Easy-its the power of creativity and it flows from everywhere. It flows in the rain and it flows when things wont work, It flows and flows when you move location and new doors open. It especially flows from Carlos, whose stunt cheetah-like reactions I have to thank for our last image.

We've all tried it. Its the best way to get a cab.


  1. Love the last one Eoin! Nice insights on the blog :) I've finally gone active on flickr...

  2. I got used to be behind the scene, taking pics out of everybody else's instants. But now this master is freezing outlines of me around this town, filling up those any-space-whatever just with our meanings. The inmensity of feeling down-to-earth with each other's presence. One observing while the other performs...freely.
    Thanks for making me eternal, amigo.

  3. Love it. *clap clap clap* to both photographer & model ;)