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Saturday, 13 February 2010


And thus is it all about at the moment.  Not a good whine at how time consuming post-pro is, cos i could whine away but i'd be wasting valuable editing time:) But along the same lines i feel the same. Like an exhausting editing session that, i'm sure, could be ended very quickly with sketched results. Or drawn out through growing knowledge, prompts and tips and a scratch disc of trial and error. The latter, the F A R less tempting path, is really the only one. And i'm chuntering along, wishing i could be further ahead, but knowing that it would do me damage. What a conflict!

It seems very lofty (and horrific) that i've got my eyes set on next Christmas when i make the excursion home and think about what became of a very short year. 2009 saw some very interesting things. 'Oh ten, i am so excited to guess, will only be incomparable. Just the truly mad scope of what im getting myself into i can hardly rationalise.  Icant wait to fly through it all so i can look back and go oooh! No, i wouldn't be so flagrant with my precious time on this planet. What have i got for the meantime though?




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