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Sunday, 7 March 2010

A hand in everything own photos. I took this when out on the search for InFrA ReD light this week. Using an IR filter over the camera, the sensor only receives infra red light, so the entire image is red with the occasional mysterious purple. But the purple is not the only mystery! Ta-daa. Why anyone would practice this on an ever-again scale, now there's contemplation.

Shooting IR digitally introduces colour to the process (RED) that requires elimination in a post pro bandy. For me, god there was no excitement in it. It was like a dreadful cycle of darkening the same bits over dozens of minute slider values. Oh yes, indeed, can i truly boast that my slider sense was tingling.

The process: I put on my cape(optional). I take a photograph. I then put on my pitch black filter and retake the photo, waiting twenty something seconds for my sensor to register (my camera, it seems, is very good at blocking IR). Meanwhile, the sun doggedly flares my images without pity. And all i can do is assume a number of lotus positions huddled over the tripod to obscure as much light as possible.

No Avail.

It sounds really funny and it is, its great (no) but what is exhausting about it is with all the post-pro
you could achieve the same results with both files and just skip the kung-fu training!
I know! Appaling

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