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Monday, 15 March 2010

Playing CATch-up

So if im beginning work with children i may as well bumble on to animals too. And hark.

Me, the lovely Andrea and the "adorable" Cosmo put up a nifty backdrop, some lights and set the mooood for photographs. We had loads of time, we were at leisure with maltesers and we were just waiting on for the magic to happen....and for a cat. Allegedly the worlds most personable cat spent two hours fascinated with all the corners and book shelves. She acted like she had never seen the underneath of a couch in her life. She was, needless to say, working on her invisibility. 

And successfully. Would she come when called? Would she stay for a cuddle? Would she even pose? She would! But all i had do was just raise the camera and she would travel impossible distances in half a second. Anything but let us get what we were after. There's no equation to cats. If i have my dastardly way my future pet is going to be a giant sea turtle. Tragically slow, so i can get at least ten costume changes in the time it takes him to cross the room. And in the evenings, for the price of being my foot rest, he can have all the celery he wants.

So yeah.

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