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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Strollin' with the homies

Indulging in the finest of luxuries this week, meeting with some estranged but dear mates (Yeah, Real people!) It simply is where its at. Me, The White Whale and The Other Eoghan took to the Mosque kitchen for all the finery on offer. Amazing penny cuisine, the great outdoors, brilliant music conversation and pigeon hunting season. The White Whale serenaded us with outlandish Billy Joel before disappearing, as ever, into the mists of time, with a single flap of his fin.

Spent a gorgeous weekend languishing around a spring-creeping Edinburgh. Coffee and cake, then breakfast and tea, ignored a really disappointing match.... reverse engineering the day as we went. Surely there can be no finer things!The lovelier the light gets, the further i am from ever getting up for a sunset...
The White Whale

The Other Eoghan

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